Indoor and Outdoor Activities at Resort Near Pune for Family Get Together

Jalsrushti offers a plethora of fun activities for its family get together. These activities are designed to give them an earthy experience, which will take them back to their roots. The activities which we have over here have been planned carefully so that you can experience all of them during your weekend stay and also get a quite peaceful time for yourself or your loved one only at resort near Pune for family get together.

To add up to our visitor’s excitement we have an open cookery show, where our guests can enjoy watching our delicacies cooked by our chef Aaditya also get to learn the recipes they love. Most of our guests have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful art of creating food.

Activities We have here are



Cycling Image at resort near Pune for family get together.
Duck Watching Image At resort near Pune for family get together.
Bird Watching Image at resort near pune-Jalsrushti
Ducks Image At Island Resort near Pune-Jalsrushti


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